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25 100 500 2500
Daily Malware Scan
Network Scan
Trust Seal
Daily FTP Scan
Automatic Malware Removal
File Change Monitoring
Application Scan
1-time 1-time
SQL Injection Scan
1-time 1-time
Cross-Site Scripting Scan
1-time 1-time
Security Alerts
Use of Global Network to Identify Malicious Behavior
Block Bad Bot Attacks
Search Engine Access
Comment Spam Elimination
Comment Spam Elimination
CAPTCHA Security
Block content "scraping"
Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring
Spam Verification
SSL Verification
Buisness Verification
Phone Number Verification
Postal Address Verification
TrueSpeed CDN

Why choose SiteLock Website Security

SiteLock Website Security: Proactive threat detection, robust firewall, and malware removal. Ensure a secure online presence effortlessly.

  • fast website hosting

    Find & Fix Malware daily

    SiteLock website security ensures daily, automatic malware scan and removal

  • cpanel icon

    Build Customer Trust

    A SiteLock Security Trust Seal shows your visitors that your website is secure

  • sni icon

    Improve SEO

    Never fear a drop in search rankings

  • customer support icon

    FTP scanning/SMART scan

    Includes Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool

  • softaculous logo

    Block harmful traffic

    Protect your website with the TrueShield Firewall

  • fast website hosting

    Boost website speed

    Increase your website speed with TrueSpeed CDN

  • cpanel icon

    Network scanning

    Comprehensive website security for your network

  • sni icon

    Application Scanning

    Ensure your web apps are up-to-date

  • customer support icon

    Banish website vulnerabilities

    Worry no more with the XSS and SQL scans

  • softaculous logo

    Email Anti-Spam scan

    Anti-Spam Scan ensures customers never miss a mail from you

Frequently Asked Question

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